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Writer, Editor, Storyteller, Content Strategist


Award-winning content strategist, editor, and writer with over 20 years combined experience innovating and growing audiences across the publishing, entertainment, and advertising industries. For over twelve years I produced and directed multimedia and written content from concept to development for PEN America and sub brands across digital and print platforms, including websites, social media, magazines, and films. I now consult as a writer, editor, content strategist, and curator for nonprofits, arts, and literary organizations, including MCC Theater, Bard Prison Initiative, American Booksellers Association, and the Baryshnikov Arts Center. 


Recent Projects




Launched in May 2018, the Bard Prison Initiative website is a complete reimagining of how the organization communicates its mission to core constituents and new audiences. Using video, dynamic infographics, and narrative-rich text, BPI creates a compelling story about innovating education on a broad scale, while introducing the inspiring stories of students redefining success. 

PEN America Digital Archives

Launched in July 2017, the PEN America Digital Archive captures more than 50 years of cultural programming at the intersection of literature and freedom of expression advocacy. With generous support from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the digital archive makes available long-inaccessible but valuable public and private programming featuring the world’s foremost writers, intellectuals, and artists in candid and often heated discourse about the most relevant cultural and political issues of our times.  

Glossolalia Issue 3: We agree
on Nothing


Issue 3 landed in bookstores across the country in May. More than two years in the making, "We Agree on Nothing" was edited by Canaan Morse and Eleanor Goodman and features gorgeous narrative center fold maps (also cover art) and new translations of fantasy, science fiction, poetry, and micro nonfiction from mainland China with translations by Jeremy Tiang, Andrea Lingenfelter, Jennifer Feeley, Jeremy Tiang, and Ken Liu. You can purchase copies here.


Soon after the November elections, I emailed the editors of the Illustrated PEN (Rob Kirby, MariNaomi, and Meg Lemke) to ask if we could commission a series of graphic narratives to amplify the voices and stories of communities whose concerns and lives may be most at risk under the new administration. The answer was a resounding, "Hell Yeah!" Our hope is that the stories created for this series will help empower and inspire people to stand up and speak out and to begin to repair what’s been so thoroughly broken.

Leonard Cohen's "Democracy"

Every now and then I need to stop and take in the work I'm a part of at the intersection of art and free expression. Most recently, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer recorded a new arrangement of Leonard Cohen's "Democracy." I asked David Mack to create illustrations for the song and Olga Nunes to bring it all together in an animated video. The final piece is at once heartbreaking and hopeful (knowing we have a fight ahead), an accurate reflection of where we are today. We used the video at PEN America for our most successful end-of-year giving campaign that helped break fundraising records and broaden PEN America's audience.